I Want to Go Back to School – So. Tahoe High to be Exact!

Heck, when I was in high school, we girls had two choices if we wanted to participate in an athletic team – swimming OR tennis.  I say OR because both programs ran at the same time so you had to choose only one.  Why or why weren’t programs like the upcoming South Lake Tahoe Mountain Sports Academy around back then.  I would have tossed those cheer leading pom poms into the incinerator .

Check this out.  Starting this fall, the South Lake Tahoe Mountain Sports Academy will offer student athletes that gravitate toward mountain sports a chance to incorporate a traditional high school educational (including the same graduation requirements as their classmates) with the opportunity to take part  in a structured mountain athletic program.  Netbooks with both WiFi and 3G capabilities will be distributed to participants to aid them with access to a “rigorous curriculum while fully participating in the mountain sports experience.”  At the same time, these students will be able to participate in traditional high school activities such as dances, yearbook, various campus clubs, prom, etc.

South Tahoe High School is currently on a hybrid 4X4 block schedule which means that the there are four quarters (each quarter is equivalent to a semester class.)  According to Angie Kiel, executive assistant to the Superintendent) “the majority of classes will be offered in two sequential quarters with some classes offered yearlong.  This unique schedule, combined with online and independent learning courses, allows students to create a blended program for a more flexible academic option.”  This program is being made possible through a partnership with  Tahoe Sports & Entertainment, Inc., (the operators of the Ice Arena) and Sierra-at-Tahoe.  Sierra-at-Tahoe Sierra is a popular ski resort among South Lake Tahoe locals and has long been a strong supporter of the Lake Tahoe Unified School District.  Among their many generous gifts, they have passed out over 300 season ski passes every year to students who earning straight A’s.  (I just had to pass along some well-deserved recognition) Back on topic, this program is met with great enthusiasm from locals that, up until now, have had to travel to Sugar Bowl, Squaw Valley, and even further.  The costs involved for the athletic portion of the Academy will be quite competitive and the education portion comes at no cost to local residents.


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  1. Brad Senn on April 1st, 2012 6:19 am

    Wow, what a great program. I am glad Tahoe has the backing to create some of these wonderful educational programs that seem to be cutting edge.

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